Green houses

The green got lost in houses and gases.

Now it is global, severely affected, growing, changing, additional, and scarce.

It is international, mainly increased, slow, first industrialized, then emerging, relatively high; with many economic, adjusted, quantifiable, proven, likely social, environmental, and twice more economic benefits.

It remains relevant, important, enteric, left, synthetic, additional, primarily future, and greatly global.

It is mainly upstream, or downstream, substantial, agricultural, promising, large, various, global, agricultural again, reduced, decreased, higher and higher.

There are now numerous, complex, holistic, different, relevant greens.

Favorable, cost-efficient, degraded, existing, good, important, further greens!

Always agricultural greens, several times.

Emerging, essential, least developed, specific, affluent, urban, young, healthy, better, environmental, certain greens.

Green is now private, logical, free, upstream, and different.

Sustainable of course.

It is overarching, economic, typical, anecdotal, selected, in-depth, site-specific.

As well as large, targeted, industrialized, affluent, emerging, developing, politically sensitive, promising, and strong.

It is currently available, too.

* This is the second poetic summary of the report mentioned in my previous post. What do you think?


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