Poetry is a compressor of meaning

The Berlin Haus der Kulturen der Welt on poetry as a tool to communicate immense complexities – something I try to do in my poetic summaries of scientific articles I write about climate change:

“How poetry can help us think about and live in the Anthropocene by reframing our intimate relationship with geological time? Continue reading “Poetry is a compressor of meaning”

Easter haiku

Tulip bulbs emerge

in front of bricks in the wall

– guerilla garden.


Rosa Tulpen blühn

am Mauerrand entlang

– Ostern kommt bestimmt.


Sárga a nyár, a hárs és a ginkó levele,

Sárga az utcák őszi tengere.

Sárga a nap és a ráforgók szirmai serege,

Sárga a szénadomb belseje, teteje.

Sárga a dinnye, a barack, a répa neve,

Sárga a tök, a makk, a krumpli bele.

Sárga a méz, a méhecske pollenteli feje,

Sárga a gyömbértea csípős leve és a gyömbérdarabka benne.


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Lehet szépen is öszülni,

Vidáman, mint a természet.

Vörös, sárga, narancs tincsek,

Sugaras kék ég felett.

Agriculture alone

Exec summaryHi there, this is an experiment. In my day job as a forester and environmental scientist, I write reports amongst other things. Technical reports. Boring reports. About important topics nevertheless. Like for example how we can change agriculture to become a solution instead of a problem for our global environment.

In order to make these reports emotionally more accessible to a wider audience, I wrote a poetic summary of my latest publication, Potentials for Greenhouse Gas Mitigation in Agriculture.

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